Testimonials for Laura Benjamin, Principal, Communicate Colorado LLC

Laura Benjamin, Principal, Communicate Colorado LLC, has over 20 years of business and communication coaching, consulting, training and facilitation experience with organizations throughout the U.S., Canada, Germany and Great Britain. She has helped clients improve workplace relationships and communication (interpersonal and online) with their customers, co-workers, constituents and project teams.
Here’s what a few of them have to say:

“Laura did an excellent job in coming in to help get our project team off on the right foot. The analysis of how each member would work in the larger group was very beneficial. She also returned later in the project to help get negotiations on very tough issues started so that the project could continue down the path to success. I look forward to working with her again in the future as I will recommend her to future project teams.” —Jeffery Hampton, Project Engineer 1 at Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

“Laura did an all-day workshop for me and my colleagues at Partners in Housing. We loved it. She is a master presenter with unique exercises and she has a centered and positive demeanor that is refreshing. We all appreciated how she used her personal story to relate to PIH mission/goals and wove it into the teambuilding event. I highly recommend Laura!” —Dianne Reitan, AAMS, Development Manager, Partners in Housing

“Laura spent a day with our combined teams to help us unpack our DiSC profiles, both individually and as a team. Her insight, knowledge, sense of humor and facilitating skills made for a highly successful day, and I’m looking forward to the next time that we get to work with her. It won’t be long!” —Laura Martinez, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Director of Human Resources, Association of Christian Schools International

Paint Brush Hills Metro District Team with Laura Benjamin“The Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District Team had the pleasure of working with Laura Benjamin on its Teambuilding & Workplace Relationships Training this afternoon. Everyone on the team was engaged and seemed to benefit from the Laura’s training, but we are hungry for more. I really believe we achieved a milestone moment for our team. Laura covered a lot of ground in the two-hour session, but she was only able to scratch the surface. We feel that the team and the District would benefit from the opportunity for more in-depth training and interaction facilitated by Laura.” —Leon Gomes, District Manager, Paint Brush Hills Metropolitan District

Working with Laura was a wonderful experience. After losing a facilitator for a strategic planning retreat, Laura jumped on board eagerly and excited with less than a week’s notice. She was professional and engaging and met all of our goals for the UCCS University Center and Event Services planning retreat. Her facilitation was impactful and very beneficial to helping us move forward with changes in our work environment. I cannot thank her enough for what she achieved with our team.” –Chad Garland, Director, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, UCCS University Center and Conference Services

“Hi Laura, thanks again for the drive-by business coaching you provided. I will be back for more! I like your style.”Rhonda Smolarek, QR Codes of Note and Remarkable-Design.com

“Fantastic on both fronts – personally and professionally. I feel like we have moved to the next level as a team thanks to your help and work with us. Great job facilitating. The Team Profile was one of the highlights. You had just the right touch – moving us forward when necessary, creating a great environment for idea sharing.”  –Kathleen Malaspina, Chief Innovation Officer and VP, Marketing, Otho Accel Technologies Inc., Houston TX

“Miss Laura and her company, Communicate Colorado LLC, are helping develop our company’s strategy and presence on social media platforms. She provided great feedback in developing both Facebook and Twitter campaigns. We were able to consider various pro’s and con’s of how to most effectively reach our FB friends with our inspirational app – “The Mountain.” We first heard about Communicate CO through a friend who also received media consultation from Laura. Her information has been helpful in every way. And she does it with pep and fun! If you seek to maximize your media efforts, whether as a company or an individual (especially if you are a newbie to these platforms), you will find Laura’s input well worth what you invest.” Jim Manning, Clearly Seen Productions LLC, Producer of “The Mountain,” an inspirational app for all smartphones and tablets

J Royal Horton Colorado Wyoming Author

“Laura Benjamin is one of the best teachers I ever had. I bought the book Blogging for Dummies, and couldn’t even keep that basic info in my head long enough to do any good. However, through her patient, scrupulous tutoring and follow up she helped me create a beautiful blog I am proud of: jroyalhorton.net. Look no further, Laura is the real deal!” –J Royal Horton, Author

“Great format – building team synergy and generating quality work product. I would recommend the Team Profile to others and in fact, would like Laura to conduct the Team Profile segment for my team if possible. I thought it was a well thought out program and progression to the last and most important exercise.”Cherri Carbonara, Principal, Carbonara Group, Houston TX

“I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for the past several years in her capacity as the Owner of Communicate Colorado as I have been reframing my companies’ marketing presence on the web and in our community with her guidance. Laura has been remarkable to work with; she quickly grasped my companies’ needs, the competitive environment and my own needs as a business owner. She is a tremendous listener and an inquisitive coach. Laura has the ability to communicate solutions using vocabulary that I can understand and shows me that she has a complete grasp of her tools and our community. Laura is comfortable in her own skin; she is warm, kind and as interested in my success as I am. I would recommend her highly and I look forward to continuing our learning journey into the future.” —Paul Jones, Principal, Impact Leadership Development Group

Pikes Peak Library District Internal Customer Service Training – Staff Development Day audience feedback

“If you are looking for a top-notch trainer for your next speaking engagement, look no further!  Laura Benjamin is an incredible, engaging, and powerful speaker.  We were very fortunate to have her expertise at a Staff Development Day training where she gave our folks extremely useful skills around the topic of Internal Customer Service.  Not only is she an incredible trainer, she is highly organized, easy to work with, and skilled in her field.  Thank you Laura, for everything you did for my staff!  Positive Affirmations have been pouring out from them since our training!” —Angela Ibrahim, Pikes Peak Library District

USA Volleyball Difficult People Training Feedback (PDF) – Annual Retreat & Conference

“I have known Laura Benjamin for over a decade and observed her on many occasions. Her performance has always been outstanding and her emotional intelligence is unsurpassed. As the EEO Manager at Ft Carson, CO I contracted with Laura numerous times to present timely, practical and interesting workshops to the civilian and military workforce. She always received excellent ratings and was subsequently invited by other senior executives at the base to conduct presentations and strategic planning sessions for their organizations. Laura exhibits professionalism at every level. Her personal attributes include integrity, technical competence, superlative interpersonal skills, and a sincere concern for the well being of the participants in her programs. She has extensive knowledge about organizational behavior and successfully facilitates the achievement of visionary goals. Besides being an accomplished speaker and writer, she is a role model, coach, teacher and leader of individuals and groups. She has the ability to simplify complex processes and guide people towards realizing their potential. I am proud to commend Laura Benjamin for her talents, skills and character. I recommend her without reservation, knowing that she would be an asset to any organization, which in return would benefit immensely from a business relationship with her.” ~Dr. Janet Sullivan, Director, Anger and Stress Management Institute


“I have known Laura Benjamin professionally for over 15 years.  My first introduction to her was during preparation for a senior military and family member leadership conference at Fort Carson, CO.  Laura was called on short notice to meet with the Commanding General’s wife to develop a session for family members. Using her keen ability to listen, she developed a program which allowed those family members to identify each other’s strengths and weakness to build an effective team focused on common goals.  Laura’s success with this first group of senior family members placed her in high demand for follow-on sessions and eventually was invited to work with groups of senior family members at Fort Lewis, WA. The next opportunity I had to work with Laura was during a series of strategic planning sessions for a Colorado Springs non-profit.  She facilitated these sessions with a deliverable of developing an effective strategic plan.  This plan defined a successful road ahead with vision, mission, objective, goals and metrics to guide the board of directors.

Laura is creative and has proven herself to be a keen listener, developer of group and individual training sessions, writer and effective facilitator.  She is fun to work with and individuals provided high praise during written feedback at the end of sessions. I would not hesitate to recommend her as an excellent resource for individuals, organizations or groups that want high energy, professional, successful training sessions and guidance.” Rebecca Bayer-Hughes, retired Civil Service, Fort Carson CO, and former Executive Director


“I recently had the good fortune of attending one of Laura’s highly beneficial training sessions. Laura has the rare ability to combine expert counsel on relevant and often serious workplace situations with humorous, interactive, and entertaining dialogue. It was clear from the reaction of the entire audience that they were equally impressed. If you are looking for someone who can immediately impact the culture, relationships, and effectiveness of your entire organization, do not hesitate bring Laura in. So much fun and incredible wisdom!”  –Sue Rhodes, SPHR, MBA, HR Director at Chromatic Technologies, Inc.

“I learned so much yesterday and your patience allowed me to relax and learn even more. Your ability to not make such a beginner feel dumb, not even for a second, is a real gift and so appreciated.” —Kristi Blazek, Owner, OneAverageVegan.com

“If I was ever, ever, ever going to even THINK about starting my own business, this blog would become my bible! It is so helpful and informative. The reason I’m emailing you is to tell you how I see you really living by, and fleshing out, these recommendations. So many people give advice that they’ve gathered from someone else that sounds good, but they haven’t actually risked and found the advice to be true or wise. Thank you for being the real deal! Your #1 fan,” —Dawn Griffin, Director of Leadership Development & Training, CommunityBibleStudy.org

“I appreciate you greatly. You are the reason my career was saved and is going in the right direction again.” ~C.D.

“It was 2005 when I first learned about Laura through listening to her communication webinar series. Impressed with what I learned and actually used from the series over several years, I contacted her in 2010 to help me plan for new growth in my professional life. And I’m so very glad I did. Laura is an excellent consultant and one to whom I return time and time again just to bounce a few ideas around or seek clarification regarding my professional growth. She provided me expertise in opening up avenues for career building, expanding business relationships, and helping me to communicate complex concepts to implement wide-spread organizational change. The tools/frameworks she provided contributed to innovative and award winning accomplishments. I highly recommend her expertise.” –Janet Bethay, Environmental Engineer and Owner, Bethay Consulting, LLC

“Laura is an incredible coach who is able to help her clients move beyond any obstacles!” ~Linda Boedeker, Interim Executive Director

“The investment I made in my communication skills by receiving coaching from Laura Benjamin is producing marked results for our organization and for our team! After the session I returned to work inspired, and the feeling of enthusiasm hasn’t left me. Possibilities abound and I am grateful for the new awareness that excellent ideas are all around for the harvesting, now that Laura has trained me to see them. “I Spy. . . an idea!” I look forward to further coaching with Laura!” –Dawn Griffin, Director of Leadership Development & Training, Community Bible Study, Colorado Springs CO

“Wow, I have a bunch of things to do after our chat today. I need to sit down and really think about my story. Then I need to implement your ideas. I really like your approach!  You gave me a lot to think about. Thanks for listening and suggesting those great thoughts and insights!!” ~Dan P., Leadership Coach, Project Management Trainer, Consultant

“I’ve worked with Laura Benjamin consistently since 2007. She’s brimming with ideas and is so generous, knowledgeable and perceptive. She’s easy to work with and a pure joy. I’m happy I found her!” ~Linda Seger, International Script Consultant, Screenplay Editor, Author of 13 books

“I had the great opportunity to work side-by-side with Laura during her leadership coaching. She was a great resource of information. She was thorough, detail oriented and such a pleasure to learn from. She taught me the Carla Concept, helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses and how to improve on both areas, which I feel helped me to become a better leader. It was a privilege working with her.” –Bee Tyquiengco-Pena, Wells Fargo

“Laura Benjamin is such a motivational, inspirational and informed professional. She has been extremely helpful in assisting me towards beginning a successful career, helping me recognize my abilities and talents and giving me direction in taking the steps to make it all happen. She offers great support and ongoing encouragement. I highly recommend her for her coaching abilities.” –Audrey Burton, Marriage Coach, Michigan


“Laura Benjamin presented “Employee Retention: Dare to Be Different” for Junior Achievement’s National Leadership Conference in San Francisco CA. This conference is Junior Achievement’s premiere leadership development forum with attendees ranging from Presidents of Area Offices to mid-management positions.

We set high standards for our facilitators and only select those whose reputations consistently guarantee interactive, engaging, thought-provoking sessions. Our attendees have high expectations and Laura delivered! Despite her session being held at the end of the day on the last day of the conference, every seat was filled.

Participant feedback was so positive, that Presidents of Area Offices who attended her session asked that we make an exception from our standard practice of only using internal staff for our Regional Training Sessions. As a result of their request, we invited Laura to Present “Employee Retention: Dare to Be Different” in St. Louis MO, Reno NV and Orlando FL. As before, she delivered a highly interactive, engaging and content-rich program that got rave reviews from our attendees.

We are so confident in Laura’s ability to deliver quality programs that not only inform and educate but also entertain and engage our senior leadership and mid-managers, that we will look for ways to bring her back! She has proven herself to be flexible, reliable, responsive to our needs and a pleasure to work with. We can count on her to contribute to the level of excellence Junior Achievement provides through educational programs and leadership development initiatives. –Jeannette Holtham, former Director of Organizational Leadership, Junior Achievement National Office


“Hey Laura! You did an outstanding job on Saturday in Denver. Thank you for making our closing session a big hit. I appreciate your skill and genuineness and you deserved that standing ovation – you touched our hearts and increased our skills!” –Donna Kitts Thornton, Past-president National Association of Child Care Professionals

(A few months earlier) “It was a pleasure meeting you in Orlando last week at the Florida Children’s Forum Annual Leadership Conference. Not only was your keynote at dinner excellent and inspiring, it was also most engaging. I was amazed that we could have heard a pin drop between the salad and chicken! Not many speakers have that kind of command – that is why I was prompted to speak to you about our national conference in Denver. The National Association of Child Care Professionals is the nation’s leading organization for administrators – on an average we have been 450-800 who attend our national conference. I believe it would be an excellent opportunity for you and our group.” –Donna K. Thornton, Past-president National Association of Child Care Professionals


“Laura, I was speaking with an employee recently and I referenced the training you presented for us and she remembered you and much of what you had to say!  I thought you’d like to hear this!  I’ve always found your presentations to be lively, informative, interactive, and above all, right on target! Additionally, the information that you shared with me on conflict resolution has been helpful in my work as a mediator and conflict coach. You have a remarkable skill to deliver what can be dry and tedious information in a way that is entertaining and memorable, without losing the importance of the message.  I look forward to opportunities to work with you in the future.”Terri Sortor, former Director of Employment Relations, Diocese of Colorado Springs


“WOW! You were TERRIFIC and the RAVE REVIEWS are still coming in!!

Everyone who attended the Chamber’s Women in Business Conference really enjoyed you opening the 10am session with your presentation on “Balance”. Your willingness to step in at the last minute was above and beyond all expectations.

As a professional speaker you should dub yourself “Flexible”, a speaker who responds at a moments notice. Thank you for your excellent presentation. The program evaluation sheets reflect what a great job you did. It is a privilege to recommend you as a speaker to other organizations that I come in contact with.” –Brenda Whitlock, Director of Women’s Programs, Colorado Springs, Colorado


“I’m delighted to recommend Laura Benjamin for your leadership development needs! Laura facilitated two sessions for my geographically disbursed team of financial executives at a meeting in Colorado Springs. She also provided one-to-one, personalized Executive Coaching for each team member.

All four team members are new in their positions and came into “turn around” situations in their respective offices. They were in the middle of difficult circumstances and were required to effect significant change in their brief time on the job.

From the beginning, Laura customized her work to my needs! She then presented sessions focused on behavioral styles and team visioning and planning. Laura enabled team members to achieve a stronger understanding of their personal style, to understand the value of style differences and to implement skill-building strategies that can reduce conflict, improve communication, and strengthen interpersonal relations among co-workers. Laura’s expertise also helped the team identify the things that we want to achieve as a team. With Laura’s help, we analyzed and developed our team vision, identified team goals and objectives, and established an action plan with deliverables and timelines for each objective.

Through Laura’s efforts, my team is now empowered to manage the difficult circumstances that they are faced with on a daily basis, to successfully effect change in their organizations and to have fun while doing it! I respectfully recommend Laura Benjamin for your leadership development needs. Please feel free to contact me for a personal reference.” –Renita Wolf, Vice President, Regional Controller, Wells Fargo Insurance, Colorado Springs