Provocative Questions

Want to improve communication skills, get better information, improve leadership language? Then use some or all of these “Provocative Questions” with your team, customers, co-workers, volunteers or partners. Pair these questions with my CARLA Concept Communication Model to guide people through the process of being able to articulate their thoughts.

Managers say they get less than 13% of the information they need to do their jobs. Why? Because people tend to filter out negative news or anything they think you don’t want to hear. (You didn’t tell your Mom and Dad everything you did, now did you?) 

Ask: What did we do this week that was…

  • customer focused?
  • innovative?
  • redundant?
  • worthy of bragging about?
  • disappointing?
  • just plain wrong?
  • surprising?
  • something you haven’t yet told anyone about?
  • something that’ll come back to haunt us?
  • a mistake?
  • a triumph?
  • an embarrassment?
  • an opportunity?
  • worthy of our attention?
  • predictable?
  • exhausting?
  • challenging?
  • confusing?
  • a foundation for success?

Teach people how to use the CARLA Concept Communication Model and you’ll not only get more information, but it will be presented in a more organized, thorough manner.