Colorado DISC Personality Styles Training

Looking for DISC personality styles training in Colorado Springs, Denver Colorado or elsewhere in the US?

I’m Laura Benjamin, an experienced speaker, trainer and facilitator who has presented DISC throughout Colorado, the US and overseas to those who want team development, behavioral styles, communication styles or personality styles assessment, training and coaching.

DISC is one of the most valid behavioral styles assessments available. It’s easy to understand and apply to interpersonal interactions with your team, board, council or frontline leaders. Since 1997, I have worked with police officers, adoption counselors, administrative staff, Fortune 500 managers and engineers, among others, who wanted the communication edge only a reliable behavioral styles profile can offer.

DISC is a highly valid assessment tool that provides structure to any discussion of interpersonal styles. When you’re dealing with such an intangible topic, people need to know that the research and results are substantive, tested and trusted.

Here is a program description with more details on the training I offer:

DISC Behavioral Styles: Careful, Our Personalities Are Showing!

Did you know we each have a distinct personality style that impacts our ability to form and maintain positive relationships with others? Genetics and life experiences play a big part in determining how we communicate, work with team members, tackle problems and cope with conflict. Yet some of us have ever plotted our personalities or matched our style with our managers, co-workers or clients.

This program is a highly interactive self-awareness adventure that investigates how to maximize strengths for higher levels of personal and professional effectiveness. Those who understand behavioral traits work better with others, increase their ability to resolve conflict and enhance personal influence. Strategies to adapt to the behavioral styles of others is a proven path to better understanding and stronger workplace relationships. 

By the end of this session, participants will have learned how to:

  • Spot behaviors that identify four primary personality styles
  • Understand why some see the glass as half full and others don’t
  • Apply Marston’s Model to define our impact over the environment
  • Leverage personal power to improve relationships and communication
  • Interact with opposite styles in a constructive manner
  • Identify motivating factors that impact each behavioral style
  • Avoid misinterpreting traits and keep differences from becoming personal

Laura Benjamin is a skilled DISC facilitator who has used both digital and paper booklet assessments with teams, boards, operational staff, hiring managers and frontline leaders. Groups will not only learn more about themselves, but also how to relate better to co-workers, customers, volunteers, vendors, members or donors.

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