Colorado Springs Denver Teambuilding Facilitator

Laura Benjamin is a Colorado Springs facilitator and member of the International Association of FacilitatorsWelcome. I’m Laura Benjamin, Principal, Communicate Colorado LLC. I am an experienced facilitator in teambuilding training, team communication meetings, board or team retreats and strategic planning sessions. My company is based near Colorado Springs and also serves Denver, Breckenridge, Frisco, Vail, Steamboat Springs, Pueblo and Woodland Park Colorado. I am a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).

Do you want an experienced, interactive facilitator who can:

  • Engage and involve every member of your team, both introverts and extraverts?
  • Lead the session with a down-to-earth, personable and professional demeanor?
  • Include fun, relevant exercises and other experiential teambuilding activities?
  • Facilitate understanding of team communication styles and personal preferences?
  • Partner with you to co-create the most effective meeting agenda and activities?
  • Provide statistically valid, user-friendly assessment tools for team roles, behavioral/personality styles or listening and communication styles?
  • Interview key leaders or participants ahead of time to identify goals and preferences?
  • Remain flexible if circumstances require changes, limitations or enhancements on the fly?
  • Provide half-day, full-day, multi-day or weekend facilitated sessions?
  • Tag-team with your managers or organization leaders during the event?
  • Recommend relevant books and other resource materials?
  • Pitch in where needed to get things done?
  • Interact with participants during outings, field trips or other activities?
  • Deliver a valuable learning experience for all participants?
  • Create outcomes and results to meet specified goals for the event?
  • Recommend what’s worked and brainstorm ideas for a memorable learning experience?

If so, then we may be a good fit and I am at your disposal to speak with you.

RESULTS: Clients have said my facilitated meetings, teambuilding events, strategic planning sessions, leadership and team retreats helped them build stronger interpersonal relationships, improve communication, identify strengths and spot “areas for opportunity and growth.” They also appreciated my ability to connect them with references who responded quickly to their inquiries, providing a sense of confidence during the selection process.

Let’s talk further.

Best regards, Laura Benjamin