Colorado Springs Denver Customer Service Training

Are you looking for the best Customer Service training in Colorado Springs or Denver Colorado? Laura Benjamin has trained customer service and customer communication skills for almost 20 years. She is a former Customer Service and Sales Team Manager for a 100 person team in consumer and business-to-business sales and service.


Colorado's best customer service training with Laura BenjaminIs it time to take your organization’s customer service skills to the next level? Are you looking for ways to add service “spark” to interactions with customers, constituents, donors, members or volunteers? It’s well known that good customer relationships are crucial to repeat business and great word-of-mouth recommendations. This lively, interactive training program blends psychology and strategy. It will engage your team with service strategies customized to your mission and unique customer needs. Participants will learn simple steps to improve customer communication, strengthen relationships, convey value and cope with challenging situations.

By the end of this program, participants will have learned how to:

  • Leverage 6 simple strategies to create memorable customer experiences
  • Avoid 7 deadly sins of a customer’s typical turn-off’s
  • Conduct a customer service gap-analysis
  • Tell the customer “no” with resolve and respect
  • Deal with difficult customers, both internal and external
  • Increase revenue through upsell and cross-sell strategies
  • Match and mirror the customer’s primary communication style
  • Apply the Principle of Legitimacy to get inside your customer’s head
  • Strengthen relationships and word of mouth referrals

Laura Benjamin has taught customer service skills for Fortune 500 firms, non-profit organizations, help desk agents, retail sales staff, financial institutions, home healthcare providers, the U.S. military and professional trade associations among others.



From the Habitat for Humanity Colorado State and Rocky Mountain Region Conference (Beaver Creek CO)

  • Thank you so much – great – enjoyed! Laura was great on this issue. She helped us on a lot of detail and expectation. Enjoyed listening to her. –Tamera Starcher
  • Most helpful part of this program – the speaker sharing personal information about the customer experience. –Marlene Schindler
  • I thought the entire presentation was well planned and well done. I like that Laura had personal stories to relate. Very good use of three hours. –Paula Arechederra
  • It was all great! Comprehensive, helpful and applicable to everyone, regardless of job description. –Rhonda Mouser
  • All of it was great! Thank you so much for the amazing session! Check it out! Plenty of great info for people from affiliates and ReStores alike.

Hi Laura, Thank you again for presenting a workshop at Camp Colorado: Sustainability Saves the Day!  Habitat For Humanity of Colorado appreciates you sharing your skills and expertise with the affiliates across the Rocky Mountain region.  We believe we achieved our goal of providing the highest quality content to participants.  Thank you for helping to make Camp Colorado 2014 the best conference to date.

Below is a summary of the workshop evaluations for your session (average rating and written comments).
 5= Excellent; 4= Good; 3= Satisfactory; 2= Unsatisfactory; 1= Poor

  • How would you rate the overall presentation? 4.5
  • How would you rate the presenter’s knowledge of the topic?4.7
  • After the training your understanding of the topic is…4.7
  • The likelihood that your ReStore or affiliate will utilize ideas or information that was shared…4.3

 My Aha moment during the workshop was…

  • Very well organized, very useful information, excellent
  • Personality profile of customers and staff
  • How to look at a past problem to avoid the same result in the future
  • How to implement more customer service skills
  • Keep promise simple and stick to it
  • How to work with different personalities
  • You can fire a customer if their expectations are unrealistic – be kind and professional about it
  • CARLA Concept
  • She was great!
  • Great
  • The value of the lost customer

I wish the presenter would have provided more information on…

  • Great Knowledge
  • I wish we had more time
  • CARLA – How to take action
  • Enjoyed – thank you!
  • I thought the presentation was insightful and informative

Reference: Karen Kallenberg
, Director of Capacity Building
, 303.454.8965 ext 4