Colorado Project First Partnering Meeting Facilitator

Interpersonal communication is crucial to any project’s success. It’s especially important in heavy highway bridge and roadway construction, design/build engineering and construction, and heavy civil construction projects. Laura Benjamin is an experienced Colorado “Project First” partnering meeting facilitator whose primary focus is to improve communication between the project owner, engineers and contractors. She is also Principal of Communicate Colorado LLC, a veteran-owned small business based in Colorado Springs near Denver.

Colorado Project First partnering meeting facilitatorFor over 20 years, Laura has facilitated team communication leading to constructive outcomes that benefit project partners and internal employee groups. She is a member of the International Association of Facilitators and creator of the CARLA Concept™ Communication Model, a problem-solving, gap analysis communication model that leads to stronger workplace and job site relationships. Laura has worked for clients throughout Colorado, the U.S., Canada, Germany and Great Britain during her years as a professional facilitator, trainer and communication coach.

Are you looking for a Project First Partnering Meeting Colorado facilitator? If so, contact Laura to help you:

  • Support your project and become familiar with the challenges and opportunities you face
  • Develop a meeting agenda that achieves your goals and is time-efficient
  • Help owners, engineers and contractors identify their strongest team role via Team Dimensions assessment (not a personality test)
  • Engage everyone in a respectful dialogue that makes the project first
  • Facilitate discussion of communication gaps, goals and strategies with the “Start/Stop/Continue” exercise
  • Focus on substantive interaction vs typical teambuilding games
  • Hold a follow-up “pulse check” meeting once construction has begun and issues arise

Contact Laura to discuss your project.