Colorado Difficult People Communication Training

Laura Benjamin, Colorado Springs trainer, presents educational, entertaining training programs on how to deal with difficult people.

Are you dealing with a difficult person at work or in your personal life? Many of us are. These people come in all shapes, sizes and job titles, but they all share something in common – they consistently cause upset, discord and frustration for those who have to deal with them!

Call of the Wild: Taming ‘Godzilla’ and Other Difficult People

This interactive program is for those who want to learn how to communicate and work with difficult people. Whether the behavior is bullying, passive-aggressive, drama queen or people pleaser (to name a few), participants will learn communication tips and strategies to raise issues, diffuse situations and regain peace of mind.

By the end of this program, participants will have learned how to:

  • Distinguish between people with difficult days or destructive behaviors
  • Spot the seven types of behaviors that cause others significant stress
  • Use coping strategies to diffuse and redirect negativity
  • Reframe conversations to shift focus on personal responsibility
  • Channel, block and protect others from “toxic fog”
  • Front-end load language to cultivate positive emotional environments
  • Prevent people-pleasers from overpromising and under-delivering
  • Choose the best time, place and location for difficult conversations
  • Protect your own peace of mind and concentrate on the positives
  • Shift energy use from destructive to constructive

To discuss this program for your group, please contact me.

What People Say:

Comments from USA Volleyball Retreat on 11-6-14

“Hi Laura, It was a pleasure to attend your program. I found it to be entertaining and informative. I look forward to reading your weekly articles.” –Sincerely, Gary A. Eitel, Human Resources Manager, San Isabel Electric Association

“I recently had the good fortune of attending one of Laura’s highly beneficial training sessions. Laura has the rare ability to combine expert counsel on relevant and often serious workplace situations with humorous, interactive, and entertaining dialogue. It was clear from the reaction of the entire audience that they were equally impressed. If you are looking for someone who can immediately impact the culture, relationships, and effectiveness of your entire organization, do not hesitate bring Laura in. So much fun and incredible wisdom!” –Sue Rhodes, SPHR, MBA, HR Director at Chromatic Technologies, Inc.

“Great resource for hard conversations for someone who isn’t comfortable with hard conversations.” –Kimberly Adams-Short, Stockman, Cast & Ryan
“Program was informative and applicable to the role of an HR practitioner. The presenter was clearly an expert on the topic.” –Michael Chandler, HR Consultant, Progressive Insurance
“Very good!” –Debbie Anderson, Ag Lending
“Entertaining and informative.” –Jen DeFranco, The Resource Exchange
“This is relative to anyone – as well as line level and supervisory HR employees! Very engaging! This info really helps strategize because now we have a better understanding of the ‘root’.” –Wendy Habert
“Informational. Great Presentation. Very interactive.” –Tegan Downing, Tepa LLC.
“Good info – great pacing.” –Carole Carlsen
“Very informative and helpful.” –Kim Williams, Addstaff Inc.
“Not warm and fuzzy fluff. Good tips to impact action and for change.” –Shaleen Prehm, Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy and the Vanguard School
“Very interactive and insightful.” –Johanna Seeling, Pikes Peak Library District
“Helpful and motivational.” –Sarah Arnold, Colorado Springs Health Partners
“Very worthwhile.” –Patricia Harvey, Progressive Insurance
“Informative. Good information on how to deal with others.” –JoDee Nelson, Global Underground Corp.
“Wonderful. Educational.” –Gary Smith

Anonymous Comments:
“Worth going to.”
“Very interesting – I would recommend you to my clients.”
“This training is relevant, practical and fun!”
“Informative. We could relate to examples given.”
“Great! Very informational!”