Podcast: How a House Fire and Burned Body Led to Profound Resilience

Don Keller and Betsy Keyes embody the definition of “resilience.” In 2010, a Denver house fire that destroyed their home also burned Don over 40 percent of his body. Working together, they came to a new understanding of resilience that transformed them and inspires others. This is their story.

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WOC 003: Facing Wildfires of Change with Dr. Sid Webb [Podcast]

Dr. Sid Webb knows from personal experience what it’s like to face catastrophe and change. His home was at “ground zero” in Colorado’s Black Forest Wildfire in June 2013 and he watched it burn on TV numerous times from the news station’s helicopter footage.
Sid Webbs House Black Forest Wildfire
He now shares lessons learned from that “adventure” with organizations facing significant change. Sid is an expert in board development and non-profit best practices. This is his story…



Dr. Sid Webb Colorado Springs

  • Everyone will face some kind of catastrophe in life
  • There will be blessings that come from tragedy, believe it or not
  • We operate on autopilot and focus on things that don’t matter
  • Information is at a premium in a crisis
  • How to avoid staying in a victim mindset
  • Focus on your priorities – what matters most
  • A short term strategy may be just to survive
  • Change is more than a single event
  • People prefer to have fewer choices
  • There is tremendous transition in the non-profit world
  • Change is the ability to step up and step out
  • Head your boat into the wind and move forward
  • The flip side of loss is a wide open opportunity for the future

Download Sid’s article: Keeping Your Leadership Edge During Catastrophe

Contact Dr. Sidney A. Webb at SharpenedFocus.com and follow him on Twitter @SharpenedFocus

WOC 002: Personal Courage with Sandra Ford Walston [Podcast]

Sandra Ford Walston from Denver, Colorado is the Courage Expert. In this episode, we hear how courage became a mighty force in her own personal life, how leaders can build courage and why fear is not the opposite of courage. Sandra leads the charge to help us take control of our lives and rise above adversity.


Sandra Ford Walston is the author of three books on courage:

Courage Expert Sandra Ford Walston

The Courage Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women

Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman

Face It: 12 Courageous Actions That Bring Success at Work and Beyond

Read more about Sandra’s work at SandraWalston.com

Source Wheel Behaviors of Courage Diagram


SHOW NOTES: In this episode you will learn…

-What we mean by courage

-Why fear is not the opposite of courage

-Our ego loves to create suffering

-The 3 biggest fears we face

-Candor is a cousin to courage

-Saying “I don’t know” will set you free

-12 Behaviors of Courage:

  • Confess
  • Complacency
  • Contradictions
  • Conformity
  • Clarity
  • Consistency
  • Controversy
  • Concentration
  • Compassion
  • Contentment

Read Sandra’s articles here.

WOC 001: Author Mark Adams on Conflict [Podcast]

Mark Adams of Achievement Edge, LLC. is an expert in conflict management. He is the Colorado author of two books on conflict: Responsible Conflict and Courageous Conflict. In this episode, he tells us why most people hate conflict, how to engage in a constructive way with conflict resolution skills that apply at home or at work.


Mark Adams Author on Conflict


  • How we all contribute to conflict situations
  • What confirmation bias means
  • Why a personal conflict style may be situational
  • How avoidance can erode trust
  • The story of The Two Monks
  • What surprises him most about how people cope with conflict
  • How to create responsible conflict
  • Socrates’ Three Tests to deal with gossip
  • That moral outrage is a result of low self-esteem
  • The importance of slowing down and listening