Laura Benjamin’s CARLA Concept Communication Model

Laura Benjamin created the CARLA Concept™ Communication Model to help people raise issues, prove their point and communicate with confidence and clarity. Laura is a communication expert and author based near Colorado Springs and Denver. She speaks and trains worldwide on interpersonal communication, how to avoid “knowledge blockage”, improve productivity, build teams and strengthen leadership language.


CARLA Concept Communication Model by Laura Benjamin

C – the challenge or change you faced

A – actions you took

R – results you achieved (quantify when possible)

L – lessons learned

A – another approach, now that you know what you know

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To help people articulate their responses, increase confidence in their thought process and get teams talking, pair my CARLA Concept™ Communication Model with Provocative Questions.


CARLA Concept Communication Model by Laura Benjamin in Colorado

  • Brief the boss, the board, a prospect or client
  • Clarify customer needs
  • Improve team communication
  • Facilitate collaborative learning
  • As a Mentoring Model
  • Conduct a “pre-mortem / post-mortem”
  • Avoid “knowledge blockage” and brain drain
  • Instill personal accountability
  • Advocate for others
  • Influence others to recognize your value
  • Create case studies for partnerships with internal customers/end users
  • Justify requests for money, headcount or other resources
  • Coach an employee on performance improvement
  • Coach others without feeling like the “bad guy”
  • Prepare for a difficult discussion
  • Avoid dominating a conversation
  • Shrink the line outside your office door
  • Put your thoughts in writing
  • Conduct an “after action” report
  • Conduct a gap analysis
  • Conduct a complaint investigation
  • Persuade someone to your point of view
  • Conduct a behavioral interview
  • Prepare yourself for a job interview
  • Deliver bad news with confidence and compassion
  • Debrief a project to your team or manager
  • Raise an issue when you’re new on the team
  • Gain confidence in your ability to speak up
  • Avoid being labeled “not a team player”
  • Get your teenager to open up and talk
  • Help others take responsibility for their actions
  • Help others build personal accountability
  • Interview home healthcare providers
  • Make better choices in the future
  • Help young people build self-determination skills
  • Strike a balance between participation and facilitation
  • Overcome sales objections with clients and prospects
  • Improve customer service by analyzing customer concerns
  • Solicit bigger donations
  • Coach witnesses before they take the stand
  • Improve communication with your doctor
  • Offer suggestions without sounding “preachy”
  • Debrief sports plays with the team
  • Evaluate response and recovery efforts
  • Help victims cope with trauma
  • Teach blind students how to approach unfamiliar tasks
  • Provide a template for employees to analyze problems and solutions