CARLA Concept Communication Skills Training

The CARLA Concept™ Communication Model is Laura Benjamin’s popular method to help people raise issues respectfully, get results, face change, improve communication and increase confidence. This training session or keynote presentation will engage and empower your team in five simple steps.


Communication Skills: How to Raise an Issue, Prove Your Point, Get Results and Engage with Confidence and Clarity

Ever struggle to raise an issue or prove your point? Wish you had a better way to help you speak up, coach others and create confidence in your communication skills? Frontline leaders only get about 13% of the information they need to do their jobs, so let’s work together to build constructive communication for better results.

This lively, interactive program delivers practical tips to facilitate feedback, promote ideas and raise issues respectfully in just five simple steps. Participants the world over have found The CARLA Concept™ Communication Model to be a valuable tool to brief the boss, coach employees, provide feedback or have a difficult discussion.

By the end of this program, participants will have learned how to:

  • Create confidence and self-determination skills
  • Avoid communication roadblocks and speed-bumps
  • Ensure communication is clear, inclusive and accurate
  • Clarify customer needs
  • Increase employee and leadership engagement
  • Improve sales skills and emotional intelligence
  • Raise issues respectfully
  • Avoid being labeled “not a team player”
  • Ask for what you deserve
  • Offer advice without sounding preachy
  • Coach others to better performance
  • Deliver constructive feedback without being the bad guy
  • Maximize the informal learning process
  • Use “Provocative Questions” to give and get better information


Do you want to improve communication in your organization? Bring Laura’s CARLA ConceptCommunication Model to your next strategic planning session, retreat, conference, tradeshow or training program. Contact Laura today