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Laura (Benjamin) Lollar is a Colorado author, speaker and facilitator living near Colorado Springs, Colorado. Subscribers on Laura’s Newsletter List will be notified as each book is released.


Clear Cut Confidence by Laura BenjaminClear-Cut Confidence: How to Raise an Issue and Prove Your Point in 5 Simple Steps

Based on Laura Benjamin’s CARLA Concept™ Communication Model, this book outlines a simple, straightforward way to raise issues respectfully and communicate with confidence. It offers solutions to challenges including how to avoid the label “not a team player,” how to deliver difficult news so you’re not the bad guy, and how to shorten the line outside your office door. Clear Cut Confidence is a must-have for people who want to assert themselves, have an influence, facilitate understanding and get results.


Wildfires of Change by Colorado author and motivational speaker Laura Benjamin

Wildfires of Change: How to Rebound and Rise From the Ashes

In 2013 the most destructive wildfire in Colorado’s history swept through the town of Black Forest, killing two people and burning 500 homes and structures. This book is based on Laura’s experience losing her log cabin home in that wildfire and lessons learned about facing non-negotiable change throughout the recovery process. Using the wildfire as an analogy, readers will learn how to rise above adversity and move forward in life and at work. Read more at



Safety, Health and Asset Protection Management Essentials textbookSafety, Health, and Asset Protection Management Essentials (contributing author, Chapter 36)

When you need accurate, up-to-date information in the rapidly changing field of asset protection, you need the most authoritative resource available. It covers regulatory compliance, technical standards, legal aspects, risk management, and training requirements. The chapters on communication and management skills assist you in functioning as an effective member of your unit’s management team. In light of the global workplace, the book highlights some of the technical standards and cultural approaches to asset protection in the international arena. Written by widely experienced asset protection practitioners and edited by one of the field’s most experienced professionals, Safety, Health, and Asset Protection: Management Essentials, Second Edition has been extensively revised and expanded to ensure that you will have the essential information required to maintain competency and confidence in your profession. (CRC Press, 2002) Buy it on Amazon. 

Cabin Mama Stories by Colorado author Laura Benjamin

Cabin Mama Stories: Tales From a Woodsy Woman

A collection of humorous short stories about outdoors adventures, camping, hiking and life in a little old log cabin. Read more of Laura’s stories at





Lardie Laurie by Colorado author Laura BenjaminLardie Laurie: How I Lost 17 Pounds in 90 Days (when losing a little feels like a lot)

A humorous look at the never-ending battle of the bulge for those who struggle to “lose a little” and those who lose it over and over again. Readers will be able to relate to the tricks we play on ourselves, how to keep trying when nobody’s watching and how to maintain perspective despite the occasional relapse. (2017, Pinehurst Press)




CARLA Concept Communication Model by Laura BenjaminThe CARLA Concept™: How to Raise an Issue, Prove Your Point and Communicate with Confidence and Clarity (Pinehurst Press, 2005)

While this book is now out of print, it laid the groundwork for Laura’s forthcoming book, Clear Cut Confidence: 5 Simple Steps on How to Raise an Issue and Prove Your Point in 5 Simple Steps. Read more about The CARLA Concept Communication Model…