44 Reasons Why You Got Our Business (instead of that other guy)

You’ve used all the sales tips, marketing techniques and service strategies to land that contract or customer. Competition was stiff but you came out on top. Ever wonder why YOU got the business instead of that other guy? Here’s why. It’s because you…

Sales tips, marketing tips, customer service tips

  1. listened to us
  2. seemed sincerely interested in the struggles we face
  3. knew you couldn’t help us and referred us to someone you trusted
  4. came prepared to meet with me
  5. were clear up front exactly why you wanted to meet
  6. are someone I trust
  7. brought examples of your work
  8. quantified the outcomes
  9. spoke well of your competitors
  10. have a good reputation in town
  11. didn’t rush me
  12. knew my name and used it
  13. were willing to work with my team – even those from competing companies
  14. offered us options
  15. came in the door with a smile on your face
  16. gave me your personal cell phone number
  17. sent business our way in the past
  18. worked with me when I had to delay a payment
  19. referred good job candidates
  20. were respectful to our employees
  21. told us the truth
  22. asked for the business
  23. thanked me for past business
  24. care about us as people
  25. were patient with us when we made a mistake
  26. apologized when you made the mistake
  27. didn’t relegate us to the “B” Team
  28. charged a fair price
  29. followed up when you said you would
  30. used our time efficiently
  31. are open to co-creating
  32. took initiative
  33. stayed on top of things
  34. came up with creative ideas that didn’t cost us too much money
  35. explained the pros and cons of taking one action over another
  36. returned our phone calls quickly
  37. are flexible
  38. think ahead and spot the gaps, potential problems and a better course of action
  39. have longevity – you’ve been in business a while
  40. regularly asked me about my family
  41. share the same values
  42. didn’t try to sell us something we really don’t need
  43. understand our business and how we define success
  44. and finally, because of who you are as a person

You are not a commodity. You offer depth, compassion, knowledge and experience. There are things you do for your clients, customers and colleagues that others don’t. You have worked hard to build a solid reputation as someone they can count on. They come to you because they know you won’t treat them like a number. You stand out because you take the time to build the relationship, establish authority in your field and are gracious when disappointments occur. You’re a class act. 

And you know for a fact, it’s never JUST business, it’s ALWAYS personal!™


  1. These are awesome tips – thanks for always sharing compelling, germane and insightful tips. BTW, I just LOVE your little smurfs!