One Amazing Leadership Example


When I graduated from high school I decided to enlist in the Air Force. The idea of earning money for college, building a career and seeing the world intrigued and excited me. My friends were surprised. My parents were supportive. There was just one small problem – I had to lose 20 pounds to meet [...]

5 Steps to Find Happiness


Got a lot on your mind? Most of us do. Whether it’s work issues or something at home, our minds can feel like the inside of a blender set to “liquefy”. And the hard thing is, our thoughts aren’t always that positive. In fact, we worry a lot. We worry more than we should. It [...]

6 Ways to Face Fear and Create Courage


I think we create courage only after we’ve been intimate with fear. Have you ever felt fear? I’ll bet you have. It can come from many directions: fear for the safety of our loved ones, fear of loss (job, spouse, health, home, reputation), fear of success or failure, fear of a change we’re unprepared for. [...]

4 Ways to Deal with a Difficult Boss


Got a difficult boss? After a recent post on this topic I was flooded with private messages from people in the same boat. They’re working for someone who they aren’t getting along with and: can’t tolerate the stress much longer, don’t want to start looking but fear they must, could lose their job if the [...]

Why the Open Door Communication Policy is a Bunch of Baloney

A few years ago, I was speaking at a conference where I attended another session on communication. The presenter was singing the praises of having an Open Door Policy when someone in the back of the room raised his hand. He was upset. He stood up and said, “That open door communication policy is a [...]

When Was the Last Time You Did Something New?

When my eldest son got his first job and began to make money, he opened up a bank account. Then he asked me how to write out a check. (He owed me money, so this was one skill I wanted him to get right!) “You put the date up here on this line,” I said. [...]

You Have Every Right Not to Talk to Them

I’m a very polite person. This has been my downfall. When someone asks me a question, I answer. When the phone rings, I pick it up. (A bad habit I learned when I worked at a call center!) But years ago answering the phone from one particular person increasingly caused me nothing but pain. They’d [...]

5 Ways to Cope with Catastrophe or Change

Something bad has happened. You might not have seen it coming, but it’s here and you’ve got to cope. I’m not going to trivialize anyone’s struggles by comparing your situation to mine. I have friends who would gladly swap their circumstances for a burned out house in a heartbeat! But here’s what I’m learning as [...]

How to Have That Difficult Discussion or Conversation

Ever struggled to have a difficult discussion or conversation? Does this sound like you? “I can’t let this situation continue “It’s time I spoke up! “The longer I put this off, the worse it’ll get “If I don’t tackle this now, I’ll lose my nerve “What if I make things worse? Wouldn’t it be great [...]

Lead With Your Strengths for Personal Success

Nathan Newbrough, President and CEO of the Colorado Springs Philharmonic spoke at a luncheon I attended last week. He talked about how the Philharmonic has risen from the ashes over the past few years. They have been through some rough times. In the past, they’d created a performance schedule based on what they thought audiences [...]