9 Words for Customer Service You Deserve

Customer Service Story

The nuns and my momma taught me that being nice to people is just common courtesy. And rarely, as a customer, have I had to get assertive when service providers aren’t helpful or polite. But one day my patience was tested. I was standing in a long line at the local sub sandwich shop. It [...]

One Amazing Leadership Example


When I graduated from high school I decided to enlist in the Air Force. The idea of earning money for college, building a career and seeing the world intrigued and excited me. My friends were surprised. My parents were supportive. There was just one small problem – I had to lose 20 pounds to meet [...]

5 Steps to Find Happiness


Got a lot on your mind? Most of us do. Whether it’s work issues or something at home, our minds can feel like the inside of a blender set to “liquefy”. And the hard thing is, our thoughts aren’t always that positive. In fact, we worry a lot. We worry more than we should. It [...]

6 Ways to Face Fear and Create Courage


I think we create courage only after we’ve been intimate with fear. Have you ever felt fear? I’ll bet you have. It can come from many directions: fear for the safety of our loved ones, fear of loss (job, spouse, health, home, reputation), fear of success or failure, fear of a change we’re unprepared for. [...]