30 Tips I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Small Business

When you come from a family of entrepreneurs, at some point the self-employment bug bites you too. Dad’s been a realtor and appraiser since I was born and four of my siblings run small businesses. It’s been a wild ride for every one of them! So, in 1997 I took the plunge! 

How to Cope with Critical Co-workers

Got a critical co-worker in your life? Ever wonder what planet they came from? It’s possible they have been that way all their lives and you are just the latest casualty. I’m sure it’s not because you are overly sensitive. (Truly!)

WOC 003: Facing Wildfires of Change with Dr. Sid Webb [Podcast]

Dr. Sid Webb knows from personal experience what it’s like to face catastrophe and change. His home was at “ground zero” in Colorado’s Black Forest Wildfire in June 2013 and he watched it burn on TV numerous times from the news station’s helicopter footage. He now shares lessons learned from that “adventure” with organizations facing significant change. Sid […]

27 Things I’d Like to Tell My Manager

You know those annual surveys consultants and HR folks send out every year or so? They’re designed to chart the state of morale, levels of engagement and satisfaction with leadership. After the surveys are completed, I’ve been asked to confidentially interview employees to get more specifics about their concerns. You won’t believe what they’ve said! […]

WOC 002: Personal Courage with Sandra Ford Walston [Podcast]

Sandra Ford Walston from Denver, Colorado is the Courage Expert. In this episode, we hear how courage became a mighty force in her own personal life, how leaders can build courage and why fear is not the opposite of courage. Sandra leads the charge to help us take control of our lives and rise above […]