Warning! Outspoken Woman Ahead

So I went and did it. I spent $30 to have a banner made, which I hung between two trees at the front of our property, on a main road, for all the world to see. Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you were willing to make a fool of yourself? Yes, […]

How to Leverage Learning with Social Media, Blogs, Podcasts, Images and Video

If you teach, coach, train or offer learning in any way – for customers, co-workers, emerging leaders, volunteers, donors, board members or project teams, you have an invaluable set of tools at your disposal for little or no cost. So, don’t be a dinosaur! Leverage social media, blogs, audio podcasts, images and video to extend […]

Independent Thought Alarm and Principle of Legitimacy in Leadership and Governance

People aren’t complicated. Human nature is fairly predictable. And we don’t need a plethora of rules and regulations to define every possible way a person might step out of line. Typically, we can boil it all down to the basics – a few simple things most people want and deserve.

Your Top 10 List and Medal of Honor Recipient Sal Giunta

Ever made a list of the Top 10 Best Things, important things, you’ve done in your life? Go ahead – try it. And it doesn’t matter whether they’re personal or professional. (I’ll wait while you finish. Tick, tick, tick, tick…) So, was it easy or hard to come up with 10? It may be hard […]

27 Things I’d Like to Tell My Co-workers

I get letters! People love to share their opinions, insights and frustrations. And as long as I don’t name names, they give me permission to pass along most of their comments. Recently, I wrote about 27 things I’d like to tell my manager. Now, here’s what some of you say you’d like to tell your co-workers: […]

13 Email Pet Peeves That Drive People Crazy

Last week I facilitated two days of customer service training for a manufacturing firm. One of the topics we covered was email pet peeves. Here are just a few that drive people crazy. Any of these strike a chord with you?

6 Ways to Take Charge of Your Life

A couple weeks ago I smelled something funky in my car. I live in the woods, so I thought maybe a mouse had crawled up in there and died. I put up with it figuring it couldn’t last too long. But four days later when I took the car out again, the smell was horrendous! […]

44 Reasons Why You Got Our Business (instead of that other guy)

You’ve used all the sales tips, marketing techniques and service strategies to land that contract or customer. Competition was stiff but you came out on top. Ever wonder why YOU got the business instead of that other guy? Here’s why. It’s because you…

People Who Shine From Within Don’t Need the Spotlight

I recently heard a successful performer on a popular TV show preface the advice she planned to give by saying: “I’m just a girl, but…” I almost came out of my chair. Did I hear her correctly? Was this beautiful, accomplished woman trying to diminish herself in front of her peers? OR… 

Benefits and Sacrifices of Being a Veteran

Military service is a mission and lifestyle embraced by less than one percent of U.S. citizens. On this Veterans Day, I’d like share a few of the benefits and sacrifices: The honor of folding the Flag for family members of deceased service members Teaming up with strangers from all over the U.S. and from all […]